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Last updated 2nd April 2014

Pipette Calibration Module

Calibration Toolbox ADO is made and sold by calibration professionals.

Our distributors are experts in the fields of temperature calibration, pressure calibration, pipette calibration and many others so, when Caliso offers you the Pipette Calibration Module, you can be sure that it is something of real value. The Pipette Calibration Module is an an add-on to Calibration Toolbox ADO which is designed to increase your productivity, accuracy and compliance.

This is achieved by automatically recording water weight readings from your laboratory balance and then performing all necessary calculations so that you don't have to.

Once you've obtained your measurements and the calculations have been performed, a PDF calibration certificate is only a few clicks away.

For further details of the Pipette Calibration Module, please click here to visit our main site

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